Performance Art

kolpeace is a style of painting that is a homage to the artist southern heritage through portraiture and graffiti.

“2 min and 7 sec with a king”

“2 min and 7 sec with a King” 
Cinematographer: Niajea Randolph 
Location : Baltimore, MD 

​ This video is a ode to Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. on the night of January 16, 2023. With cinematographer Niajea Randolph by my side we decided to hit multiple heavy following traffic locations to create a dedicated painted  performance. One location was a carwash and other was the median entering baltimore. 

A Visual Ode to Billie Holiday

“A Visual Ode to Billie Holiday”
Cinematographer: Niajea Randolph 
Location : Sagamore Pendry Baltimore 
Baltimore, MD

Performance Duration : 8 min 
Size : 34 x 34


An ode is normally a short lyric poem/song that shows appreciation to an individual, an idea or an event.  This moment I created a visual ode inspired by the iconic Billie Holiday. During my time at the Sagamore Baltimore partnering with Visit Baltimore, my research about her lyrical rendition of the poem “Strange Fruit”written by Abel Meeropol. This moment in history told the unsung truth in the 1930s towards the horror of lynching in the American South.

“Trust Yo Process” 

Cinematographer: Niajea Randolph  Location : Creative Alliance,  Baltimore, MD 2023
This performance portrait is a reflection of how to celebrate one’s own progression and growth. Artist and dear friend Murjoni Merriweather commissioned a live performance during her solo show in 2023 called “The Walk” to commemorate her process of sculpting and artmaking.

Length of each performance : 8 to 14 minutes

Materials : Recycled Wood, Fire , Sword , Spray Paint , Easel , Brush, Acrylic Paint , Stool, Music  Performance Location : Creative Alliance , Baltimore (MD)

“kendrick spirit”

“Kendrick Spirit”
Cinematographer: Niajea Randolph
Location : The Peale Museum , Baltimore, MD
Kendrick Lamar’s “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” drops this album in 2022. My mother tells me her favorite track on the album is “Rich Spirit”. A week before I am set to perform at the peale I am inspired by the album by an artist to create his portrait surrounded by strangers. My movements are swift , My body feels healthy, and I can hear the people behind me. My friends control my music and record me. I know in my mind my spirit is rich and I only have one shot to create that feeling of inspiration. Do you feel inspired ? Does your spirit feel rich?

2022 : The Peale Museum (Baltimore, MD)

“The Process of Restoration”

“The Process of Restoration” (2020) is a performative, engaging process that combines music and visual art together using swift movements similar to “line dancing” and hip hop to create my unique aesthetic of art in motion. 

It is a combination of musicians, model, and crowd participation and a cinematographer such as Artist : Monica Ikegwu, Brandon Woody , Josh Stokes, and Cinematographer : Gabriel Amadi – Emina. It is a process to start something in life and feel restorative from that feeling of completion. This was my goal during this moment. The canvas starts off blank and moves through a self reflective process of the person looking at their own path and process to ultimately restore.