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Lowcountry artist painting with fire, lighting up shows at CSU and College of Charleston

“As the crowds cheer–his excitement builds; and when the paint hits the canvas, flames bring to life another work of art.”

– Megan Rivers


Artist Spotlight: KOLPEACE 

– Melissa Veal

WBTV Channel 3 News

” 06.05.17: AM Bounce #2 | Juneteenth Rock Hill 2017.”


” WATCH THIS! Local artist Christopher Johnson completes a stunning art demonstration in the FOX 24 studio. “

– Leyla Gulen

” When Christopher Johnson came to Charleston Southern University he was known as “CJ” by his friends, 90 miles away in Columbia. He planned to study biology with an eye on a career as a veterinarian. Those plans took a major detour after an unexpected discovery in his dorm room. Christopher switched majors his junior year after realizing there was something else inside that was screaming to come out.”


kolpeace Honors Black History Month With “Resilient” Exhibition at the Saul Alexander Gallery

” Lauded Charleston-based artist Christopher “kolpeace” Johnson has gifted the local arts scene with his latest exhibit now on display throughout February at the Saul Alexander Gallery, which is located inside the Main Branch of the Charleston County Public Library. “Resilient” recognizes five impactful and admirable African-Americans that have symbolized unyielding strength through adversity.”

– Damion Smalls

” C.J. Johnson will be a featured artist during the MOJA Arts Festival’s Heritage Day, Oct. 1, at 2 p.m. in Marion Square.

Johnson, a senior majoring in graphic design, is known for his speed art. He calls his art Kolpeace, and he recently has launched clothing designs with cjforudesigns.”

– Marketing and Communication


After years of creating work around town, artist Chris Johnson looks ahead to what’s next 

” Sometimes Chris Johnson doesn’t sleep. The night before an event — one in which he’ll create a live painting, set to music, before a crowd — he stays awake, learning more about the subjects he chooses to paint. He’ll do research, listen to music, or maybe just sit and think. It’s part of the process.”

– Connelly Hardaway