"Soul Train"

(one has to train the soul to give grace to teach and give back to others)

Keswick | Baltimore, MD

4:16 - 6:3

The Keswick Wise & Well Center is pleased to present Soul Train, featuring the work of Chris ‘KOLPEACE’ Johnson, one of two 20/21 Libby Bowerman Community Art Teaching Fellows working on the Keswick campus this year.

Get down with KOLPEACE “Soul Train.” Bringing life back to the art world, making the wall bounce with color and character, preserving the lives of African-American influencers through the performances & sound of music that has influenced his art practice. 

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(A Condemned History)
Jubilee Arts | Baltimore, MD

2:12 - 3:4

“Testify” is a series of works created when ones self felt condemned on lockdown. Though it vanished opportunities it also unlocked identity and self restoration. These works are celebrating the growth of oneself from being ok with being still and moving into a new form of oneself. Recognize the focused sight of each trill smoke illustrated portrait made from the ashes an points of history told as through this trill tall tale by my hand.


The five individual memorialized in "Resilient are Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Kara Walker, Muhiyidin D'Baha, Cyntoia Brown, and Robert Smalls. "Each Resilient Warrior had to go through real life to bring out the truth in people's heart, including my own, and I'm proud of the message that God gave to me, " affirms kolpeace. - The Charleston Chronicle


2020 Avery Research Center for African American History & Culture | Charleston, SC
2019 Rosenburg Gallery (MICA) | Baltimore, MD
2019 Saul Alexander Gallery | Charleston , SC

 Rev. Coleman-Singleton was an assistant pastor for Mother Emanuel AME who was killed during the racially motivated June 2015 mass shooting at the church. A beloved member of Emanuel and Goose Creek High School’s faculty, her legacy of compassion rooted in faith continues through her son, Charleston Southern graduate and professional baseball player Chris Singleton.

Kara Walker is award-winning artist known worldwide for her graphic and provocative imagery depicting African Americans, often with Antebellum and Jim Crow era themes. Her uncompromising style has been met with controversy throughout her career, but Walker has remained true to herself and her craft to this day.

Black Lives Matter Charleston leader Muhiyidin d’Baha was a prominent local activist that fought for the Black community with immense dedication and sincerity up until his Feb. 2018 murder in New Orleans at the age of 32. A memorial was held in his honor at Hampton Park by the Denmark Vesey statue Feb. 9.

Cyntoia Brown was 16 years old when she was given a life sentence for a shooting that resulted in the death of 43 year old Johnny Michael Allen, who picked up the runaway teen in 2004 to solicit sex. Brown argued self defense was her reason for the shooting, but she would remained stuck with life term in prison until a January 2019 order by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam commuted the sentence to August 7, 2019.

Robert Smalls is the legendary enslaved Beaufort man that escaped to freedom and became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. He is presented in his military uniform in “Resilient,” a call back to his daring plan to steal the Confederate warship CSS Planter during the American Civil War to secure freedom for his family.

"Birds & The Beez" Series 20'


2020 The Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center | Baltimore, MD
("Hot On The Block Group Exhibition" By HotSauce Artist Collective Curated by: Thomas James & Derrick Adams)

SchoolBoy Q said it best "Got the block hot, you keep runnin, cop say freeze Blu pill , Red pill , choose now, birds or the bees"
This series is called Birds & The Beez on hand built frame standing beautifully at 42x60 on hand stretched canvas. The narrative of these pieces represent my version of black mythological dichotomy of the right of passage for black women & men. I embodied the faces of people who Im familiar with, folks who influence me as I to them.


These pieces have a story...ask the author.


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